Bio 2 Herbal Tea (Total Detox)

Bio 2 Herbal Tea (Total Detox)


Bio2 Nutraceutical Tea is a herbal tea taken by all for body detox and general body wellness. It is made through mixing the finest Kenyan Tea with the finest of organically grown herbs in Kenya in a specific formulation to achieve a powdered mixture that can be mixed with water to make a medicinal beverage that is hygienic, healthy, natural and safe to be enjoyed by the whole family throughout the day.

Over the years, it has become a favourite beverage for diabetics and those living with High blood pressure conditions.



  • An all time Herbal Tea for Body detox and general body wellness.
  • May be taken as sweet tea by all especially the Diabetics and Pre-diabetics.
  • Has ZERO calories.
  • Reduces Arthritis (inflammation) pain.
  • Relieves Stress
  • Reduces Acidity and Ulcers
  • Taken together with Bio1 to Support Diabetes and High Blood pressure


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