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    Bimmune Boosta For Body Immunity(30 Sachets)



    • Contains very high levels of IRON and VITAMIN C
    • Proven to be effective as a DETOX and IMMUNITY booster
    • Helps generate blood cells
    • Has free radicals that may fight cancer cells
    • Works well for people with diabetes and high blood pressure.
    • Packed in 9 and 18 sachets pouches and 30 and 40 Sachets Paper boxes.


    Bimmune Boosta is a high efficiency herbal immune booster made from the finest of herbs in Kenya. It is a product born out of extensive research on the medicinal composition of traditional herbs in Kenya and an inquiry into the health needs of Kenyans especially during this Global Health Crisis brought about by covid-19. It can be taken by anyone who needs to have a stronger body immune system able to fight disease causing organisms.



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