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    Bio1Gluco (Support for Diabetes) -18 Teabags



    • Dietary supplement for the support of Diabetes
    • Contains chlorogenic acid which activates the pancreas to generate
    • Helps improve general body health and Improve male
    • Very effective against menstrual pain when taken at the beginning of the menstrual
    • Has high levels of Iron and Vitamin
    • Also available in 9, 18 & 30 sachets Pouch/Box.


    Bio1 Gluco is a herbal food supplement specifically made for Diabetics and other people who are at the risk of developing Diabetes Type II condition(People with BMI above 25 or people with a family history of diabetes). When used by people with Diabetes type II, Bio1 Gluco helps reactivate pancreatic cells to release adequate insulin which helps reduce blood glucose to sustainable levels. When used by Pre-diabetics, it helps loose weight while helping the pancreas to produce adequate insulin for the body. When taken appropriately, Bio1 Gluco can help people with diabetes live a normal life. Different people take different times to feel the effects.

    This product was made after a deep research and analysis of the medicinal composition traditional herbs that have been used to manage diabetes since time immemorial both in Kenya and allover the world. The best of these herbs have since then been collected and propagated and they are harvested from time to time, dried, ground into powder which is then mixed using a specific formulation to make a hybrid natural herbal powder that is safe to use and which has a high medicinal benefit and now named as Bio1 Gluco.

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    Green Coffee ( 25 Sachets)

    • Clinically proven to be effective in rapid weight loss.
    • It Removes the excess cholesterol held in the blood
    • It can control unnecessary food cravings and stop us from over eating.
    • It is a natural detox that cleanses the liver
    • Green coffee is also known to be a great way to naturally cure dull and acne-prone skin.
    • Single dose Packed in 25 sachets
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    Immune Booster (90g Sachet)



    • Contains very high levels of IRON and VITAMIN C
    • Proven to be effective as a DETOX and IMMUNITY booster
    • Helps generate blood cells
    • Has free radicals that may fight cancer cells
    • Works well for people with diabetes and high blood pressure.
    • Packed in 9 and 18 sachets pouches and 30 and 40 Sachets Paper boxes.


    Bimmune Boosta is a high efficiency herbal immune booster made from the finest of herbs in Kenya. It is a product born out of extensive research on the medicinal composition of traditional herbs in Kenya and an inquiry into the health needs of Kenyans especially during this Global Health Crisis brought about by covid-19. It can be taken by anyone who needs to have a stronger body immune system able to fight disease causing organisms.

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    Pure Hibiscus Drink



    • 8 benefits of drinking hibiscus tea
    • Has high levels of Antioxidants for body DETOX
    • May Help Lower Blood Pressure
    • May Help Lower Blood Fat Levels or Cholesterol
    • May Boost Liver Health
    • Could Promote Weight Loss if taken without calorie sugar
    • Has Compounds That May Help Prevent Cancer
    • Could Help Fight Bacteria in the gut
    • Helps with menstrual pain
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