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    Bio1 Sterol (Support for Blood Pressure) -18 Teabags



    • Proven to be effective in the management of blood Cholesterol and Blood Pressure.
    • Helps to naturally reduce Cholesterol levels and hence reduces high blood Pressure.
    • Has components that act as diuretics. Diuretic drugs increase urine output by the kidney.
    • If the kidney excretes more sodium and water and blood pressure is
    • Has high levels of Iron and Vitamin C which boost IMMUNITY and promotes general body wellness.
    • Packed in 9, 18 & 30 sachets/Boxes.


    Bio1 Sterol is a herbal food supplement specifically made for people with high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure conditions and other people who are at the risk of developing High Blood Pressure condition(People with BMI above 25 or people with a family history of High Blood Pressure). Bio1 Sterol has the ability to reduce excess body fats and  blood cholesterol to safe levels as well as remove that which is deposited on the walls of blood vessels. This helps clear way for blood to flow smoothly and spares the amount of energy the heart uses to pump blood, which maintains the heart healthy and reduces the likelihood of developing high blood pressure related complications. Bio1 Sterol also contains diuretics which help the Kidney regulate blood volume which  aids in regulating blood pressure. When taken appropriately, Bio1 Sterol can help people with High Blood Pressure live a normal life. Different people take different times to feel the effects.

    This product was made after a deep research and analysis of the medicinal composition traditional herbs that have been used to manage high blood pressure since time immemorial both in Kenya and allover the world. The best of these herbs have since then been collected and propagated and they are harvested from time to time, dried, ground into powder which is then mixed using a specific formulation to make a hybrid natural herbal powder that is safe to use and which has a high medicinal benefit and now named as Bio1 Sterol.

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    Bio2 Herbal Tea (Detox Tea) -18 Teabags.



    • An all time Herbal Tea for Body detox and general body wellness.
    • May be taken as sweet tea by all especially the Diabetics and Pre-diabetics.
    • Has ZERO calories.
    • Reduces Arthritis (inflammation) pain.
    • Relieves Stress
    • Reduces Acidity and Ulcers
    • Taken together with Bio1 to Support Diabetes and High Blood pressure


    Bio2 Nutraceutical Tea is a herbal tea taken by all for body detox and general body wellness. It is made through mixing the finest Kenyan Tea with the finest of organically grown herbs in Kenya in a specific formulation to achieve a powdered mixture that can be mixed with water to make a medicinal beverage that is hygienic, healthy, natural and safe to be enjoyed by the whole family throughout the day.

    Over the years, it has become a favorite beverage for diabetics and those living with High blood pressure conditions.

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